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Paired with Dongle, PocketDrum can provide you with the immersive and truly realistic drumming experience without the app (or anything else!)


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What People have been saying about PocketDrum?

Waved by professional drummers and tech gurus

Jon Foster

YouTuber & Drummer

“They’ve done a great job emulating the weight and feel of a drumstick. There is a small amount of latency. This product offers a really great way for people who are interested in drumming to try out the physicality of drumming without making a huge investment.”

Alejandro Sifuentes

YouTuber & Drummer

“The best part is you have dynamics. It also has double-kick mode!”

Pete Johns

YouTuber & Tech Guru

“It is surprisingly realistic, it is actually super cool. I find it super fun to play around. I am pretty impressed!”


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True Free Drumming Made Possible

Say NO to any app or screen, INSTANT drumming made possible without fuss

No app, no screen, no problem!
Link Dongle with your voicebox or headphone, and start drumming with PocketDrum under seconds!

The Virtual Drumming Set
Designed for EVERYONE

Straight forward design. Perfect for children

Buying the first drumming set for your kids?
Want a drumming set that is straight-forward and easy-to-use?
PocketDrum and Dongle fit the bill perfectly!

The first step to nurture your music genius!

Drumming Anywhere and Anytime

The Ultimate Definition of VIRTUAL DRUMMING

With Dongle, you will experience the truly immersive and smooth drumming experience without any fuss.

Simply plug your earphone or voicebox in Dongle,
and you are to be unlocked to the rock-and-roll world.

If you have a PocketDrum or are to indulge yourself with the redefined drumming experience, you must have Dongle.

The Must-have for Professional Drummers

Practice drumming anytime and anywhere

For professional drummers who practice frequent drumming to be in the groove, PocketDrum and Dongle are the must-haves.

With the patented AI technology, Dongle enables you to drum with no latency and no supporting screen.

PocketDrum and Dongle is the perfect and the only solution on the market to easy packing and instant practicing.

Traveling as a drummer is never so easy!

The redefinition of NO-Delay

With Dongle, latency will be IMPOSSIBLE!

Latency lower than 20ms
Means the best performance EVER on the market
Means no noticeable latency at ANY time
Means truly realistic and immersive drumming experience you can EVER imagined

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