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Your personal home fitness AI coach

Accurately detection of your movements

Give corresponding feedback

Personal training plan

More than 20 featured training courses

Built-in smart chip

Accurate motion tracking of arm/chest/shoulder

Built-in smart chip

Accurate motion tracking of legs/abdomen

Motion Sensing technology

Built-in high-precision inertial navigation sensor in the band, with Nordic powerful computing power CPU.

High-precision motion recognition algorithm, based on professional fitness coaches, can accurately detect the standardization of more than 100 types of motions.

Accurately identify wrong actions and give feedback instantly.

Accurate motion detection

Training Real-time guidance

When there are non-standard movements in your exercise, you need to follow the instructions of the coach in the video to learn the actions.

Correction video

The correction video will pop up when you’re doing wrong actions

After clicking the error bubble, a video will pop-up and show how how to correct this non-standard action.

Application function service

Customized training plan

Enter height, weight and fitness goals. Generate a fitness plan for you with one click.

Motion library

Including whole body muscle training exercises

Video action learning

Professional fitness instructor demonstrates movements, clear tips for the essentials.

Sports diet

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