We want to create fun and straight-forward music devices to bring a moment of relaxation and excitement


At Aeroband, we’re obsessed with what matters the most — the little details that make an impact and the big details that astonish. We believe that the power of music has the ability to make an incredible difference on people’s lives........


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We only take one year

With a bunch of like-minded geeks, we invented Pocketdrum which was backed by 9000+ supporters here on Indiegogo in the beginning.We cannot express how much gratitude we have towards you guys who brought our dream in reality. We will keep exploring and delivering edge-cutting and truly fun devices to everyone. Let’s rock and roll, and always have fun.Better enjoy air-drumming is just the beginning. We're passionate engineers, developers, researchers, retailers, marketers … and dreamers. One goal unites us—to create products and experiences our customers simply can't get anywhere else. Besides our team, we have thousands of fans who were attracted by our first product, PocketGuitar, who provide useful suggestions from the users’ aspect, helping the PocketDrum become better. If you want to hear more, we invite you to explore.