A letter From Aeroband CEO


I am Frank, founder of AeroBand.


In 2014, I was a sophomore. I was obsessed with Rock and Roll. I had the dream of becoming a musician, so I picked up a guitar and started the long, and actually torturing journey of awkwardly practicing and creating unpleasant noises for my roommates. But my exciting journey terminated under the strong and uncompromising protests of my roommates, and I proudly sacrificed my dream for my friendships.


Playing music might not be my strong suit (might seems to be redundant here), but I have always been an engineer geek, and I can enjoy the joy of playing instruments some other way.


I had the idea of designing a device that can allow everyone to enjoy playing musical instruments without fuss. So, I started the truly fun but also bumpy journey of designing an innovative device myself, and this 2-year journey gave birth to PocketGuitar.


But we did not stop there (my friends are big supporters of geeky inventions as well as strong protesters of noises), we marched into the field of portable drumming, and invented PocketDrum which has won massive worldwide popularities (We were backed by over 5000 supporters in 2019 on Indiegogo, and 4,000 supporters in 2020).


I have been keeping the dream of becoming a musician close to my heart. I think I did make it through AeroBand. I believe music is made for everyone and anyone can be on the center of a stage and be a rock star with AeroBand.  


I cannot express how much gratitude I have towards the unwavering support we received along the way. And we have been working passionately and indigenously to provide smooth and enjoyable musical experiences to anyone who has the dream of becoming a musician.


We are constantly updating the software system, so you are not taking home simply a drumming set, or a guitar, but the wildest musical imaginations – A little bird told me that your PocketGuitar might be a piano next year ;)


Happy Rock and Roll!